Why Was Jeff Wittek In Prison?

Itching to know why Jeff Wittek went to prison? So are we! We did some digging and found some answers to these burning questions.

Jess Wittek is a popular Youtuber. He currently has over 1.5 million Youtube subscribers and is growing at a fast rate.

Jeff is a regular on David Dobrik’s vlog squad vlogs where he often features as the boy next door.

Jeff Wittek Prison

jeff wittek prison
Jeff Wittek Mug Shot.

So what crimes exactly did this quietly spoken, model looking Youtuber commit? Well he committed crimes relating to Drug Dealing.

I was a drug dealer, now I’m a Youtuber.

Jeff Wittek

Crimes: Drug Dealing

Jeff Vlog Squad

Jeff is a good friend of David Dobrik’s. He often appears in David Vlogs and this has grown Jeff’s own Youtube channel. Hes even getting noticed in and around LA just like any normal celebrity.

Jeff’s Barber Shop

Jeff has created his own talk show hosted on his Youtube channel where he talks to guests while giving them a trim.

He often hosts his friends as well as some other celebrities like other popular Youtubers.

Jeffs Life Before Crime

Before becoming a drug dealer Jeff was a celebrity hairdresser. This is not surprising looking at his own hair and beauty schedule. Jeff works out regularly and has some perfectly white teeth to impress the girls.