Who is Brittney Lee Saunders? Her teenage hobby turned into a full time career!

Who is Brittney Lee Saunders?

Brittney Lee Saunders quotes on her site : www.brittneyleesaunders.net 

‘I’m 23 and I live in the amazing city of Newcastle in Australia. I started my Youtube channel back in my teen years and it was nothing but a hobby that I enjoyed, little did I know that after a few years it would turn into my career and change my entire life!’

With more than 1 million followers on her YouTube channel and 609k followers on Instagram, Brittney has been able to make Vlogging her full time job.

Brittney Lee Saunders

At just 24 years of age, when in most careers you would be just starting out, Brittney Lee Saunders has reached the pinnacle of her career.

Mainly posting make-up tutorials, rants and general Vlogs, Brittney has grown into an online sensation.

She joined the Youtube community in 2011 posting her first video ‘My Makeup Collection’. Now she has 100’s of videos sectioned into 5 categories:

Food Tasting Videos


Story Telling Videos

Does It Work Videos

Replying To Haters Comments

Brittney has risen to stardom and has recently launched her own clothing label ‘Fayt the label’. The label consists of basics, dresses and denims. All of the items are modelled by herself and can be found at www.faytthelabel.com.

Her Youtube channel used to be a hobby as a teenage girl, now at 24 Brittney’s net worth is around $200,000 but her income is much higher with most of her Youtube videos gaining 100,000+ views.

Brittney herself has admitted that at least some of her videos are paid for by brands and her audience is mainly females between 11-16 years of age.

Brittney has become an Instagram and Youtube sensation in Australia. With the launch of her own clothing label her name is sure to be known all around the globe.

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