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Caggie Dunlop? What Happened to Caggie Dunlop?

Who is Caggie Dunlop?

A singer come actress best known for her role in the reality T.V show ‘Made in Chelsea’ in which her up and down relationship with Stockbroker Spencer Matthews captivated audiences around the UK.

Caggie Dunlop featured throughout the first and second season of ‘Made in Chelsea’. When season three began Caggie announced her ‘Meeting of someone else whilst travelling Australia’, and  left the T.V show leaving UK viewers heart broken.

caggie dunlop

But, where is she now?

Caggie, best friends with Millie Mackintosh and the one that got away from Spencer Matthews, has been spending her time furthering her singer song writer career.

Caggie released her first single ‘Neverland‘ in 2013 and has since launched her own clothing line, ‘ISWAI‘.

Caggie is the only female who was seen to tame Spencer Matthews but she decided to ditch the ‘Made in Chelsea’ scene and poor Spencer and move onto bigger ventures.

Just last year Caggie was again spotted with Spencer Matthews at her 27th Birthday party. Throughout the reality TV show Spencer commonly referred to Caggie as ‘the love of his life’. Photos taken at her birthday show the two of them rather close again.

Caggie held her Birthday party at The Ivy Chelsea Garden Eatery in London where Caggie and Spencer cuddled up close for a selfie. Caggie stating that Spencer was ‘one of (her) my favourite people of all time’.

Caggie now has an Instagram following of over 418K with a display of lots of modelling shoots and personal photos of her every day life. You can follow along with her showbiz lifestyle @caggiesworld.

She is known to be in Palm Springs, California at the moment and looks to have a very bright future ahead of her in modelling.

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