We’re Still Talking About These Comic-Con Costumes That will Blow Your Mind

Wink, Widowmaker

Wow! This is just breathtaking. This outfit is not only completely realistic and fantastic, but it’s also a work of art. This woman is winning at everything at Comic-Con today, thanks to her winning combination of attention to detail and personal style. Do you think she realized how many hearts she’d steal when she put on her Widowmaker costume that morning? Of course she did, just look at her expression.


While some of the cosplay at Comic-Con is remarkable in its attention to detail, there are also less impressive outfits on display. We’re not sure where this Megamind costume falls on the scale: on the one hand, it’s a very bad outfit… On the other hand, Will Ferrell, who played Megamind in the original film, is wearing it! Yes, it can be tough to turn CGI characters into realistic-looking outfits, but we believe the ugliness of this particular outfit is on purpose.

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