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Tony Effe Net Worth? Italy’s Rising Star?

tony effe net worth

Tony Effe Net Worth

What is Tony Effe net worth today? Tony Effe is a young and impressive Italian twenty-seven years old musician. At the moment he is one of the four members of the trap rap music group Dark Polo Gang. The group is active since 2014 till the present day and constantly releasing new studio albums, mix-tapes, and singles.

Rome, Italy

Tone Effe was born on May 17, 1991, in Italy, Rome and his real name is Nicolò Rapisarda. After the success of “Full Metal Dark” by Dark Polo Gang, he was published in Crack Music in 2016. In his past, he was trying to start a career as an actor, since he was a child.

In fact, before calling himself Tony Effe, it was simply Nicolò. The member of the Dark Polo Gang took part in several screenplays from 1995 until 2004. He was acting in “Honeymoons” by Carlo Verdone and in “Paparazzi” by Neri Parenti. In Rai he participated in “La Storia Siamo noi”, but the work that made him famous around Italy was “All for one” directed by Vittorio De Sisti in 1999.

In this work, a future musician played the lead role. A child he was playing was called Tony. This fictional character is important for the Dark Polo Gang rapper’s career because for the first time he uses the name, Tony.

Dark Polo Gang

The Dark Polo Gang is composed of Tony Effe, Arturo Bruni known by the name Dark Side, Wayne Santana, and Dark Pyrex. The Italian group has become a phenomenon by minimising the imagery and language of hip-hop. “We have simplified the way we communicate and have created an alien language, now it is easier to approach the rap”; they say.

The members of the group have been friends since childhood as they were close neighbours and they were hanging out together all the time. The musicians of the Dark Polo Gang were working together for several years on different mix-tapes. However, some members of the group would split off into solo or duo ventures to continue their work on other projects.

tony effe net worth

The Dark Polo Gang is very famous among Italians fans for their unique style and trendy way of dressing. Tony Effe and other members of the group have advertised so many brands, that they have come to get their own slippers made by Gucci. To Tony, it does not matter the price of things, as long as they have style. His favourite brands are Fendi, Gucci, and Ferragamo.

After some rumours in gossip newspapers, the relationship between Taylor Mega and Tony Effe of the Dark Polo Gang seems to be official as the model (Taylor Mega) recently has published the video in which they two are kissing.

Tony Effe and his group are becoming more and more viral every day. The gang are already facing the challenges of globalisation in their music adaption and adapting to their new listeners.

Tony Effe Net Worth

The total net worth of the Dark Polo Gang has been estimated at $ 550 thousand. Gained net worth during the last year is around $ 9.81 – $ 158 thousand.

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