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Pewdiepie Reveals Controversial Net Worth From Youtube

What YouTubers Earn?

YouTubers earnings has been a source for fierce debate online ever since the birth of the platform. What YouTubers Earn? Some will go into detail of how they make money and their potential earnings and some will not.

Over the years there have been videos made describing the process albeit vaguely and you can find some info from a Google search.

Sieving through all the information available you may come across a number which gets thrown around quite a bit. That is; $1 per 1000 views. A lot of information will come to a conclusion at this number. However this is not the full story.

YouTubers who have a large following such as PewDiePie who has over 54 million subscribers and throw their brand everywhere you look can often get paid much much higher rates than $1/1000 views.

Often YouTubers avoid talking about the income they generate. This is because they regularly generate high earnings from their videos which may affect their precious branding.

If a YouTuber is reluctant to divulge the amount of money they make, don’t be fooled thinking its anywhere near $1/1000 its probably more like $5 -$10 per 1000 views. If all their viewers knew this mayby they wouldn’t relate to them as well.

An example of what YouTubers earn is shown below;


est. video views = 2million

(2m / 1000) x $5 = $10,000 per video

Average 40 videos/month = $10,000 x 40 =  $400,000/month

In addition to this income, YouTuber always have some “merch” (merchandise) for sale, as well as private sponsors. This all equals very high incomes. So don’t be fooled next time you here $1/1000 views, they could just be making 10 times that!