Taylor Hill Net Worth. Most Wealthy Victoria Secret Model?

Taylor Hill Net Worth

Taylor Hill is a wealthy Victoria Secret model but what is Taylor Hill net worth?

Miss Hill was born March 5 1996, in Palatine to American/Caucasian parents: David Hill and Jennifer Tate. Her parents have three other children and three of the four gone on to become fashion models on the runway and for brands. She acclaimed to fame through modelling for first class brands, including Victoria Secret and Lancôme.

Short Bio

Taylor Hill graduated high school (in Arvada) at the age of 16 and didn’t further her education on to college, instead she chose to focus on her modelling career. Throughout high school, Taylor was mocked for her skinny physique, which resulted in the model putting off photoshoots for many years. Yet, her close-knitted and loving family rescued her from insecurity and encouraged her to pursue modelling. The encouragement from her family prompted her to fly to Los Angeles for her fifteenth birthday to pose for her first ever photoshoot. For 2 years after that event, Taylor posed for more photoshoots for brands and magazines alike. So at the age of seventeen, her success was growing and to boom her modelling further. Taylor and her mother moved to Europe, so her career could be heightened.

Taylor Hill net worth

At the age of 14, Taylor was scouted as a model by photographer and agent: Jim Jordan. In 2013, she did her first major modelling jobs for magazines and Forever 21. Success came her way when she became the youngest ever Victoria Secret angel at age of 19. In the year 2018 she opened the annual show for this brand. During the year of her debut at the Victoria Secret show, she won the “Model of the Year” award for her performances and “Most Promising Model”. This indicated to the world they would hear more from her. Furthermore, Taylor has been the cover girl for campaigns in the fashion industry’s most prominent magazines: Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.

Social Media

In order to appeal to her fans and audience, Taylor Hill has always been honest on social media. She has posted make-up free photos to show younger girls that not looking perfect is okay and acne is normal.

Comments on these photographs revealed it boosted many young girl’s confidence. It helped them understand they don’t need to comply to beauty standards to be pretty. Regarding charity, Taylor Hill aims to become an activist for change in the world. She frequently visits orphanages to help out and talk to the children in them.

So that Taylor can keep fit and healthy, Taylor Hill attends classes like yoga and cycling, so she can socialise at the same time too. At the start of her modelling career, she trained to be a gymnast. Taylor admits this helped her achieve her iconic figure and allows her to maintain it.

Taylor Hill Net Worth

Regarding wealth, Forbes have claimed that Taylor Hill is one of the highest earning models in the industry (at position 17). Her net worth is approximately $5 million, which she has made from 2013 to present. On top of her massive income, she purchased a custom Range Rover for herself, which is worth around $70k.

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