Taylor Alesia? Taylor Alesia Net Worth, Height & Boyfriend

Who Is Taylor Alesia?

Taylor Alesia is a Youtube and social media personality who has grown a strong social following on Instagram with 2 million followers, Youtube and Twitter.

Taylor Alesia was born in New York on October the 13th 1996. She is 5’4”  or 1.6m and weighs 105 pounds. Alesia often posts on her social media fitness and healthy lifestyle content for her followers.

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Taylor Alesia Boyfriends?

Taylor Alesia, boasts many pictures of her body throughout her social media accounts and maintains a bubbly and happy personality through her Youtube videos.

Taylor is currently dating Tanner Fox who is another Youtube personality with nearly 7 million subscribers.

Taylor can often feature in Tanner’s videos and they can be seen executing pranks and producing content for each of their respective audiences.

Taylor and Tanner began dating in 2017 and are going strong! Tanner has recently uploaded a video talking about Taylor’s popular Instagram account taking note of famous and popular Youtubers who have attempted to chat up Taylor via Instagram direct messages (DM’s).

Taylor has recently moved into the same household as Tanner so you could say they are now taking their relationship to the next level and living together. Although Taylor does state this is a temporary residence in the transition to moving to a new apartment she has purchased.

Taylor and Tanner have a age gap of 5 years amazingly. Tanner is just aged 17 and Taylor is 22.

Taylor Alesia Net Worth?

So what is Taylor Alesia’s net worth at only 22 years of age?

Taylor undoubtedly earns most of her revenue from Youtube ads. Taylor’s channel on average increases by an amazing 3,000 new subscribers a day and receives on average 500,000 video views a day. Taking the averages of her channel its safe to assume Taylor earns around $1,500 a day.

As well as this lucrative Youtube channel she will also earn money through her other social profiles such as Instagram getting paid for ‘shutouts’ and consumer promotions.

As of today we can assume Alesia’s net worth is around $500,000.

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