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How Tammy Hembrow grew her online empire

You may have heard of Tammy Hembrow.

Tammy Hembrow is a 23 year old mother of two who has gained over 7.7 million followers on Instagram and 965k Subscribers on Youtube all within 3 years!!


How did she create her online empire? And how did she become the inspirational figure she is today using just her Instagram account?

Back in 2014, Tammy Hembrow uploaded to Instagram a photo of her Ultrasound of her son, Wolf. This is where it all began.

tammy hembrow

Tammy has used Instagram to document both of her pregnancies, her fitness regimes throughout pregnancy and after birth and now documenting her journey through motherhood.

One of the main reasons Tammy has risen to Instagram stardom is the fact she appeals to so many audiences.

Firstly she connects with all new mothers. In particularly young mothers. Most users on Instagram fall between 22-34 years of age therefore tapping in to the majority of users.

Secondly she connects with all health conscious, fitness inspired users. Her profile frequently featuring all of her workouts and fitness goals. She advertises for the companies ‘GYMSHARK’, ‘Protein World’ and ‘TEAMI blends’. All aimed towards young, health aware women with high fitness goals.

Thirdly she appeals to those users who are after eating and dieting tips. Tammy posts about her eating habits and dieting styles often giving her followers some inside knowledge into her health background.

There are so many reasons Tammy Hembrow succeeded. She has the perfect family, a successful business, a very happy relationship and she has reached her fitness and health goals. She is so well accomplished at 23 years of age hence her following.

Tammy now runs her online fitness programmes, has a successful youtube account uploading VLOGS and fashion videos every week and has recently launched her very own fitness brand ‘SASKI’.

Tammy now holds a net worth of $2 million as a fitness mentor and Instagram star.