Céline Dion’s incredible life, from a difficult childhood to marrying her manager

Céline Dion is a world-famous singer. She won the 1988 Euro vision Song Contest representing Switzerland. Since then, she’s sold hundreds of millions of CDs. She earned $1 billion during her career and had $700 million at age 50. She was the ’90s’ second best-selling female and is considered a legend. Outside of her singing … Read more

Which Olympic medalists do you admire the most and why?

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Amazing pictures from the past that show how life used to be

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It turns out that the two sets of brothers who tied the knot with identical sisters had an unusual plan.

Jeremy and Josh Salyers are part of a very select group: they married identical twin sisters Briana and Brittany Deane. In fact, it’s quite unusual for a set of twins to marry another set of twins. They took their relationship to an unbelievable new level by merging their entire lives together while simultaneously plotting an … Read more

Famous People Who Have Twins You Didn’t Know About!

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