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Sylvester Stallone Home Beverly Hills.

Sylvester Stallone Home Beverly Hills.

Sylvester Stallone owns a Beverly Hills mega mansion, which sits upon a huge 4 acre plot. Sly’s mansion is currently worth over a whopping $10 million USD.

The mansion is on a 4.08 acre plot in the exclusive neighbourhood called Beverly park terrace. As a result other famous faces are known to be residents of the neighbourhood. Such celebrities include; Eddie Murphy and Denzel Washington amongst many others. In fact, the neighbourhood is quite the hot spot for famous and wealthy individuals.

The mansion was built in 1994, it has 7 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms and it 15,121 sq ft. 

Sylvester Stallone Home Beverly Hills

Sylvester Stallone Home Address:

Sly’s home address is: 30 Beverly Park Terrace, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 California.

Sly’s Movie Career

Sylvester Stallone was made famous by the movies he wrote and starred in called “Rocky”. Arguably one of the most acclaimed movies of their decade.

Did you know Sly wrote the script the “Rocky 1” and his script was turned away by multiple movie producers. However this didn’t stop Sly from moving forward and he remained dedicated to his script and kept trying and trying to garner interest.

One notable moment in Sly’s career was a movie producer who would only produce “Rocky 1” if Sly was not the lead character. However Sly turned it down stating he must play “Rocky”, quite unbelievable.

Eventually Sly found the right studio to produce his movie with himself as the starring role. Although as a result took a much lower payment for his acting job. However from the films success, little does this matter to Stallone today.

Sly Sold His Dog

Before his big break in Rocky, Sly was short of cash in LA and was struggling badly. One notable moment in Sly’s life was the time he was forced to sell his best friend, his dog. He sold his dog at a liqueur store, which he admits was a low point in his life.

However, after the success of the Rocky movies, he bought his dog back for a whopping $15,000! An amazing dinner story!

Home Security

Sly’s home is packed with the latest in home security including a premium video doorbell so sly can see who’s knocking wherever in the world he is.

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