SteveWillDoIt Felony? What Did He Do Wrong?

SteveWillDoIt felony information is described below, but first who is Steve. SteveWillDoIt is a Youtube personality famous for his crazy drinking and smoking challenges. Steve can famously down any bottle of liquor within a few seconds!

SteveWillDoIt is also a member of NELK a group of boys pulling pranks and vlogging their lives in LA and around the world.

It seems Steve has always lived a risky lifestyles as he has received a felony charge when he was 18 regarding cannabis. Read on for more details on SteveWillDoIt felony.

SteveWillDoIt Felony

SteveWillDoIt’s real name is Stephen Deleonardis. Steve has a felony charge on his record. The details are as follows;

  • Full Name: Stephen Deleonardis
  • Date:06/17/2017
  • Arresting Agency: Oviedo Police Department
  • Arrest Age:18
  • Birthdate: 08/26/1998
  • Arrested State: Florida
  • Arrest Details: Possession of Illegal Drugs
stevewilldoit felony
SteveWillDoIt Mugshot

SteveWillDoIt’s felony charge is supposedly regarding drugs and having in possession a large quantity of Marijuana/Cannabis.

This record often prevents Steve from entering specific countries like Canada. This can be seen when he often misses trips to Canada with the NELK boys due to not be allowed to enter.

SteveWillDoIt in LA

Steve currently resides in LA with the NELK boys where Marijuana is legal and Steve can be seen making the most of it in his Youtube videos. Steve often does challenges on how much he can smoke at once.