SteveWillDoIt Crazy Food & Drink Challenges?

SteveWillDoIt is an Instagram celebrity who conquers food and drink in stunning fashion.

Based on his Instagram page @SteveWillDoIt Steve often downs Jack Daniels bottles in one go and takes on some humongous food challenges.

Currently residing in Los Angeles with the NELK youtubers Steve is tackling even greater food and drink challenges. Steve is currently living in the FaZe house based in LA which houses a collection of FaZe clan gaming streamers and YouTube stars.

Good news for Steve’s fan’s he is starting a new YouTube channel in response to his ‘haters’ who are flagging his Instagram videos forcing Instagram to remove most of his crazy antics.

Boasting 1.1 million Instagram followers at the time of writing this article Steve is most definitely has a fan base who love his crazy endeavours.

Steve Will Do It has recently released his new YouTube channel which can be found here.

His has currently over 200k subscribers gained just within 24 hours, amazing!

His first crazy challenge featured on his YouTube channel is a in-and-out burger challenge where he attempts to eat 30 burger patties with cheese.