Stefan James Net Worth? How He Really Makes His Money.

Stefan James Net Worth

Stefan James net worth estimation is: $7 Million CAD. 

Stefan is a Youtuber, Entrepreneur and business owner. He is the master mind before the Project Life Mastery brand, website and products. Without a doubt Stefan has achieved great success through his business ventures to date. But how does he make so much money and how does he keep so much?

Stefan is an avid investor in himself, his business and equities. He is also vert transparent about his health, goals, business and investments. Scrolling through his Youtube channel can be a great informational experience for entrepreneurs, there a lot of amazing content.

Stefan James Net Worth

Project Life Mastery Courses

Stefan’s most notable achievement was releasing his Project Life Mastery training course. This is ultimately where most of his wealth comes from. His primary business.

Stefan has also mastered the art of Youtube and grown a successful channel to feed paying customers to his course material. His Youtube channel grows and so does his business.

It’s a modern business model many entrepreneurs are employing these days. Make a Youtube channel about money, self motivation, health etc and then sell your viewers a course on the back end. Its proven over and over again this is a complete money spinner.

This model however is difficult to sustain over the years and decades. YouTube can change, and there goes his main traffic source. He can also reach a limit of people who watch his videos who are prepared to buy his course. His course can also be subjected to bad reviews leaving him broken.

However with the drawbacks, Stefan is clearly planning for future with other investments.

Stefan’s Investments

Stefan is advocate of traditional investing, high dividend stocks! Great choice we say! Even with a rocky 2018/2019 stocks are always going to go up. Well thats what we all expect!

Stefan has showed his portfolio on his Youtube channel many times as it has grown. Stefan’s top picks are bank stocks, which we find interest. He states their high dividend is a great benefit and we would agree. In one of Stefan’s videos he states he can make upto a whopping $8,000 a month in Dividend’s.

He also showed he suffered on some Cannabis stocks, always remember diversification!

The wealth Stefan has created he can be certain will sustain for the rest of his life. If his courses die out, his investments will remain.

Stefan James Cryptocurrency

Stefan has showed some affiliation with Cryptocurrency and claims to hold some in his investment portfolio.

It can also be noted Stefan has showed some affiliation with the BCH crew, most notably Roger Ver. Were not sure how e feel about that!

Is Stefan James a Scam?

A key question posed on some people’s minds is, “is Stefan a scam?”.

Stefan ventured to Asia with a copy of Dan Lok’s book, F U Money. He came back from Asia with a plan to created project Life Mastery. He saw the opportunity of selling courses through a Youtube channel and grabbed it with both hands.

Without a doubt his free content on Youtube is worth more than free. He doesn’t push his course hard through his Youtube either.

Its up for debate these days, if this practice is deemed to be scam or not. We don’t feel Stefan is scamming anyone, however the value of the course may be debatable. Will this type of marketing last, probably not. Online courses are becoming highly saturated and people are becoming aware of low value online courses which affects the whole market.

We would advise the take advantage of the free content Stefan has on offer in his Youtube channel and make the decision yourself.