Startling Tattoo Fails

Even when tattoos don’t turn out well, and the artist gives the client a lousy picture, it’s still there for life. Everyone knows that tattoos last forever. If someone is going to get a tattoo, they probably know that it will be there forever unless they want to go through the painful and expensive process of laser removal. Some people might not know, though, that it’s worth it and highly recommended to find a talented artist with the best reviews and a clean shop. Some tattoos are meant to look bad. Memes or jokes are sometimes tattooed on people’s bodies. Maybe the “bad tattoos” are just something you wish you hadn’t gotten, like the name of an ex-lover. Sometimes the artist makes such a big mistake that you can’t even tell what the tattoo was meant to look like. We put together some of the worst tattoos we could find. There are a lot of different styles and sizes of bad body art, from small and shaky pieces to giant portraits that look nothing like the person they’re supposed to be of. If you’re ready to laugh, cringe, and be glad these tattoos aren’t yours, keep reading to see some of the boldest tattoo fails.

It was scary, but not as frightening as what really happened

Portraits are one of the most intricate tattoo styles to do well, so find a good artist who has a lot of experience with portraiture. You don’t want your favourite celebrity’s tattoo to look like this one of Michael Jackson. Also, who said that? “He helped so many people.” That hasn’t held up well. Or maybe it didn’t, depending on how sick your sense of humour is.

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