Some Famous People Who Have Abnormalities You Probably Haven’t Noticed

Daryl Hannah’s Fingertip Is Amputated

Daryl Hannah had a fingertip amputated when she was a little child. These days, Daryl frequently brings up the fact that she’s missing a fingertip, but she always manages to keep it hidden. Apparently, her grandmother’s mobility stair lift was involved in an incident. The actress is famous for always sporting a prosthetic limb in her films and public appearances. Even though we get that Daryl has to wear the prosthetic during production, it’s embarrassing that she has to cover up her Finger on the red carpet.

The Damon Wayans Film, “Clubbed Foot”

One of Damon Wayans’ feet was bent inside and under at birth, a condition known as a “clubbed foot.” If the problem is not corrected, babies with clubbed feet may have trouble learning to walk and stand. Damon’s gotten corrective surgery, and he doesn’t hide the fact. Even more remarkably, the actor has used his cleft lip and/or palate as a plot point in several films, including My Wife and Kids and Waynehead.