Some Famous People Who Have Abnormalities You Probably Haven’t Noticed

Celebrities can use all the tools at their disposal to make everyone believe they are perfect. To cover up any flaws, there is photoshop, glam teams, and plastic surgery. However, not every famous person has been able to conceal their eccentricities. See the A-listers whose gorgeously unusual body traits have been uncovered, from having an extra set of fingers to being born with a tail.

Britney Spears has Psoriasis

Britney Spears’ Psoriasis is aggravated by emotional stress, and it shows up most visibly on her feet. Psoriasis is characterised by dry, flaky, and scaly patches of skin caused by immune system dysfunction. Despite having a psoriasis flare-up, Britney still chooses to show off her feet by wearing open-toed shoes. Britney Spears has a lotion to treat her rash, but she doesn’t use it since it hurts and makes her feel self-conscious.