Sofia Richie Net Worth

Sofia Richie Bio

Sofia Richie, is pretty rich. We will show you Sofia Richie net worth. Born in 1998, Sofia is an American model, youngest daughter of famous song writer Lionel Richie. Being the daughter of Lionel Richie wasn’t that easy for her as people and even her father pushed for her to have a musical career, as she learnt to sing at only 5 aswell as playing piano at 7. She even made occasional appearances to musical shows of her father. To make her even better, she took lessons with Beyoncé’s vocal coach, Tim Carter when she was only 14.

However, she decided to not have a musical career, stating that being the daughter of such a figure like Lionel Richie was too much pressure for her. This way, she could also have her own career and show that she is not only the daughter of Richie, but she can be her own character. She also played soccer until the age of 16, having her career stopped with a hip injury as a result of a Segway accident.

Sofia Richie net worth

Sofia Richie Modelling

Instead of taking a musical career, she decided to do modelling, with a lot of success. Her first “big” feature was on the Teen Vogue at age 14, and she had her first modelling contract at only 15 with Mary Grace Swim, a Los Angeles based swimwear company. Then at age 16, Sofia signed with London based modelling agency, Select Model Management.
Since 2012, her modelling career only went up and up, as Sofia took multiple contracts with different world famous brands, like Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, DL1961, Chanel, Adidas and many more. She recently appeared on the cover of Complex and Billboard magazine’s style issue. Sofia also has done photoshoots for Elle and Vanity Fair.

Her fame only increased with having relationship with notorious artists, Justin Bieber or Jaden Smith.

Sofia appeared in her sister’s own reality tv show, “Candidly Nicole” airing from 2014 to 2015 on VH1.

Sofia Richie Net Worth

Her modelling skills in photoshoots with theses different brands and different style magazines made her net worth going up fast and steady. She is estimated to weigh around $3 million. This is an estimation because we don’t really have solid information about her earnings with her different contracts. It is estimated that she earns between $232,000 to $537,000 which is a pretty wide estimation, and it doesn’t take her social medias earning. Because of course, a beautiful lady like Sofia is expected to have a lot of followers on social medias like Instagram, where she has more than 3,5 million followers.

She has been very discrete on the figure she has been making but seeing how the social medias are developing nowadays, with more and more active users, it is expected that her net worth will grow steadily and a fast rate. Sofia is not only a superb woman, she also is a hard worker. You have to work very hard to achieve your goal, talent and beauty won’t help you if you are lazy or careless. She did the best to achieve her own career out of the shadow of her father and she is doing it perfectly. The best is only yet to come for her and her career.

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