Scott Disick Net Worth. As Rich as a Lord?

Scott Disick Net Worth

How much is Scott Disick net worth? How much does he earn? Is he as rich as the Kardashians.

Scott Disick (who calls himself ‘Lord’), born May 26 1983 in New York, was raised by 2 wealthy business people: Bonnie and Jeffrey Disick (their net worth being $25 million).

Scott’s parents earned their riches from developing real estate, and Scott was pampered by them.

Scott’s Education

Regarding education, Scott attended Ross School (private school in East Hamptons) for most of his childhood and teenage years, however he did not graduate. During his teenage years, he famously modelled for young adult books.

Unfortunately, Bonnie and Jeffrey Disick passed away only months apart in late 2013 and early 2014. It is speculated that Scott’s parents deaths hit him hard and can be traced back from his relapse of unhealthy vices (partying and heavy drinking).

Scott Disick net worth

Rising to fame can be tracked to Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s very public ‘on and off’ relationship. The ex-couple dated from 2006 to 2015, their relationship grew from a mutual friend’s house party and since they share 2 sons and a daughter. Drama between the couple became heated and often televised for a sub-plot and entertainment for the massive audience of the show: “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and other spin offs.

Infamously, Scott has been a frequent visitor of rehab to control his alcohol addiction. He also has been to anger management classes, so he can hinder aggressive outbursts, which he self admitted and independently arranged treatment. Other controversy Scott has been wrapped up in includes his relationship with Bella Thorne, who was aged 19 when their relationship started, whilst he was aged 35.

Scott Disick Net Worth

An estimation of Scott Disick’s net worth is $12 million. The net worth of his parents was $25 million, but there has been speculations that they lost the majority of that and Scott inherited very little money. Also notable, Jeffrey Disick (father of Scott) was arrested in 2001 for stealing $3000 from a bank, as a result he served 140 hours of community service.

Club Appearances

Since the surge of fame from the array of Kardashian related television shows, Scott Disick has took to social media to promote luxury products, such as: Lord Timepieces, Avi & Co and Stadium Goods, which he gets free products from and paid for each promotion post. During his glory days of fame, Scott could earn $70,000 or $80,000 in one night just from appearances and clubs or parties. In addition, Scott has tried to launch a number of brands, such as tanning cream and nutrition labels, none of which made it to be successful.

Flaunting his extravagant lifestyle on Instagram and Twitter, he is shown to drive around in customised cars (Ferrari, Porsche and Rolls Royce) whilst wearing gold encrusted watches. His expensive lifestyle is evident through the top end brands he wears, yachts and private jets he owns, visits to exclusive clubs and partying in Monte Carlo. On top of his lavish day to day lifestyle, Scott purchased the title ‘Lord’ on the internet and uses it as part of his persona and social media presence.

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