Sam Pepper Net Worth. Controversial Youtube Personality!

Sam Pepper Net Worth

Sam Pepper is a controversial UK Youtube personality, but what is Sam Pepper net worth?

Born 26 March 1989, in the small town of Ashford in Kent and is half Greek. He has frequently applauded his grandparents for their loving nature towards him. Sam acclaimed to fame through comedy videos he uploaded on YouTube and the frequent controversy he comes under. His channel on YouTube boosted even further after his brief appearance on ‘Big Brother’, a British reality TV show.

Short Bio

Before Sam Pepper’s stardom, he attended a college focused on technology and after graduation he became a graffiti artist in London as well as being an entertainer in holiday resorts abroad. After his artist days, he decided to put his creativity into making videos.

Sam Pepper went into the Big Brother household during the eleventh season (2010), during his time he was popular amongst other housemates. Sam entered the show when it had been running for 21 days and he was evicted on the 72nd day. He was last contestant to enter and the third to leave.

Flaunting his creativity, Sam Pepper designed his own clothing line in 2016. He took to promoting it on Twitter and admitted it took 7 months to design and completed.

sam pepper net worth


Measuring Sam Pepper’s YouTube fame can be done by looking at two factors, the first being his subscribers which stands at 2.2 million+ and then his views which go as 59 million+. Sam Pepper created his channel in 2010, and has uploaded many vlogs, comedy videos and pranks. Sam Pepper has collaborated with some of the biggest YouTube stars, such as: Zoella, Joey Graceffa and Marcus Butler.

In 2014, alongside one of his YouTube friend: Mazzi Maz, the pair went on a international tour (called ‘WDGAF Tour’) for their fans, in which they performed comedy sketches, songs and interacted with their fanbase. Their friendship bloomed off from a weird start, as Sam was dating Mazzi’s mother!

Perhaps his most popular (but infamous) video is “Killing Best Friend Prank” in 2015. This video came under much controversy for being ‘cruel’. Sam was criticised by the media, fans and fellow YouTubers. He admitted the prank was staged and apologised for the offence caused to the viewers, which took form of a twenty minute video. After this controversy, Sam Pepper temporarily closed down his social media accounts and made all of his videos private. One tweet remained on his Twitter page which was: “I give up”. The negative publicity caused a massive petition against him and calling for the removal of his channel, this petition received 200,000 signatures. However, Sam Pepper made a comeback after this and made less offensive content, which he wanted to represent him better and “inspire” viewers.

Sam Pepper Net Worth

The British YouTube personality has accumulated the net worth of: $1.1 million. Sam Pepper has earned this money from ad revenue on his videos, collaborating with fellow Youtubers and appearances on performances. It has been estimated that he earns around $50,000-60,000 per year. Regarding assets, Sam Pepper owns a trendy apartment in Los Angeles.

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