Ricegum Net Worth? How Rich is RiceGum?

RiceGum Net Worth

In this article we estimate RiceGum net worth. Ricegum or Bryan Le (real name) is a popular internet personality known famously for his Youtube videos. Bryan was born in Las Vegas and is aged 21.

As of 2018 Ricegum has nearly 10 million Youtube subscribers, 5 million Instagram followers and 3 million twitter followers.

Ricegum often uploads to his Youtube channel often bringing in views of over 2 million on his daily uploads. During 2017 Ricegum was one of the top creators over Youtube only to be matched by the Pauls, Jake Paul and Logan Paul.

ricegum net worth

Ricegum first hit the scene in 2012 as a game streamer playing COD and other console games live on popular streaming sites such as Twitch. His would often present live streams of himself playing the games and talking to his audience throughout the stream. During this time Ricegum has often spoke about the difficult life of a streamer only receiving Donations from viewers to bring in money.

Ricegum is also famous for mocking people over the internet. He created a video series of videos called ‘this person must be stopped’ where he commented on trending and viral videos in a humorous way.

More recently Ricegum has created vlogs for his audience and his content has become more varied.

Ricegum Clout Gang

During 2017 Ricegum with some friends moved to LA and created a ‘Youtubers’ house. Some of the notable personalities were FaZe Banks, Alissa Violet and Wolfie Raps, who are all popular Youtubers in their own right.

This evolution quickly supported each to grow their following and in late 2017 they called their team, the clout gang.

Ricegum Net Worth

According to Youtube advertisement income Ricegum has a huge net worth. RiceGum net worth as of 2018 is estimated to be $800,000. 

As well as revenue he generates from his Youtube videos, Ricegum also has a clothing line which he promotes to his 9 million subscribers.

Including his own clothing line, Ricegum will benefit from sponsorship deals and has recently released a ‘clout gang’ clothing line with his house mates.

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