Michael Blakey Net Worth. Producer Michael Youtube!

Michael Blakey Net Worth

Michael Blakey net worth is: $60 million USD.

Mr Blakey is an influential music producer based in LA, California. Michael has not only been in the music industry for decades but recently has been taking Youtube by storm.

It is estimated Michael makes up to $20,000 a month from his Youtube channel.

michael blakey net worth

Short Bio

Michael is a UK born music producer who began creating music at age 19. Michael has also spoke about washing dishes in the UK military before his music career. Very humble indeed!

Michael was born in London, England and at 19 was hired by Hansa Studios in Berlin Germany to produce music.

He was not only a producer but a session drummer. Michael has many talents.

Michael has lunched record studios in the UK and  IS after serving as a Chief officer at A&R.

Mr Blakey has produced music for an array of artist some of which are: Julio Iglesias and Boney M. He also produces music for many films in Hollywood one of the more notable, Jackass: The Movie.

Michael Blakey’s Current Job

Michael currently owns a management company, self styled as a boutique management company in LA, California.

His company manages a lot of Latino artist such as Daddy Yankee. Michael’s management company is called Electra Star Management. You can apply to become a star on their website!

Producer Michael Youtube Channel

Michael hired a British photographer called Adam Swords to begin producing Youtube videos in 2018. Thanks to some helpful Youtube algorithms Michael’s videos have been a huge hit on Youtube! His channel has grown significantly to become a large influential channel.

Michael’s videos are all about luxury! Hollywood hill mansions, his extensive luxury watch and jewellery collection and exotic cars.

Luxury generally goes down well on Youtube and in Michael’s case its not different. In one of Michael’s videos he can be seen purchasing a $10,000 artist impression of a dog in Beverly Hills. Simply Amazing!

Recently Michael enjoys reviewing the latest luxury cars and LA mansions on the market. His channel is well produced and its hard not to like him!