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Metro Boomin Net Worth? How Rich Is Metro Boomin?

metro boomin

Metro Boomin Net Worth & Bio

Your keen to know Metro Boomin’s net worth? Born in September 1993. Metro Boomin is American songwriter, DJ, record executive aswell as a record producer. Raised in Saint Louis. Metro Boomin started his career as early as his high school years. He became known for his successful recordings with Atlanta’s rappers such 21 Savage, Future and even Gucci Mane. He is described by Stereogum as “one of the most original, vivid and important voices in the rap”. Or as Forbes called him, “one of the hitmakers in the world”, in 2017.


His musical career perhaps started when he played bass guitar in a middle school band but he turned to make beats at age 13. He was so absorbed by making beats that he reported making more than five beats a day during high school! He wanted to rap at first but he needed the beats that could go along the songs he would have liked to sing. However, he concentrated on making beats so he could produce hip hop music. His talent got recognised at a very fast rate thanks to something we all grave for in our era: social medias. Twitter was his favourite. He used it at full potential to share his work and soon got recognition, having his talent shining to the world.


We can thank his mom for driving him 8 hours long to Atlanta so he could collaborate with artists he met online. He started collaborating with Tay Don which led him to collaborate with Bricksquad label artists such as already world famous, Gucci Mane or OJ Da Juiceman. He also met Future, with whom he still works with. At this time, you have to know that he was still in high school!

In early 2014, fame hit him with successful productions such as “Tuesday”, sang by IloveMakonnen in 2014 and with the single, “Jumpman” sang by Future and Drake. Ever since, he started to gain more and more fame and a collaboration with the world recognized artist Drake launched his career into orbit. Since 2014, he has collaborated with more and more artists, some being more famous than other and some being real household names. Metro collaborated with Gucci Mane and Future as previously stated, but also with Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Lana Del Rey, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj and many many others.

His career is so successful not only because he can produce hits in hip hop only but you can see with the artists i mentioned that he can also produce other types of music.

metro boomin net worth

Metro Boomin Net Worth

You can guess that his net worth grew as fast as his fame. Metro Boomin net worth is $8 million today. And as he started a solo career aswell, we can only expect his worth to grow even more every day.

And he deserves it. He is talented and he is a hard-worker and the combination of the two is perfect for musical careers. Metro is dedicated so much to his job, that he won’t have to work anymore in his life. When your hobby is your job, it’s not really a job eh?

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