Meet Kevin Net Worth. $20 Million In Stocks…

Meet Kevin Owns $10 million of Tesla Stock

Meet Kevin Net Worth. How much crypto currency does Meet Kevin own?

Who is Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin is a popular Youtuber in the finance and money niche on YouTube. He currently has (of 02/2021) over 1.5 million subscribers and often uploads videos around the topic of money a few times a day!

The finance niche is growing on YouTube with the aim of educating the masses on money tactics for life. Meet Kevin is a top rated channel within this niche.

Kevin has claimed during a summer month in 2020 he made over $1 million from YouTube ads which appear around and over his free content he provides on the platform.

Meet Kevin Stock Portfolio

Meet Kevin holds and invest a lot into the stock market. During the year 2020 Meet Kevin has exposed his current stock portfolio is worth over $20 million. Much of this gain is from the electric car company Tesla (TICKER:TSLA).

Kevin often describes purchasing shares of Tesla in March 2020 when the pandemic hit in the US. These purchases contributed highly to his vast stock portfolio today.

You can enjoy one of Kevin’s live streams on the US market and open when he broadcasts live through YouTube.

Meet Kevin also has made videos on the topic of the GameStop sage which was a craze occurring in early 2021.

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Meet Kevin Net Worth

Meet Kevin Real Estate Portfolio Net Worth

Meet Kevin started in real estate. He built most of his portfolio in California and has amassed many properties totalling around a market value of $15 million.

Buying and fixing up is a strategy Kevin outlines various times on his Youtube channel. He is also a strong advocate of purchasing single family homes for rental income.

Meet Kevin guides viewers through the numbers around property investments and offer some great advice for bidding property investors.

Meet Kevin Net Worth

We estimate Meet Kevin net worth to be around $39 million.

Half of this wealth comes from real estate and half from a large stock portfolio.