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Meek Mills Net Worth? How Rich?

Meek Mills Net Worth

Keen to know Meek Mills net worth today? Your in luck. Born in May 1987, Meek Mill is an American rapper, born and raised in Philadelphia. He also took part in a short-lived rap group, called “The Bloodhoundz. He had a hard childhood, starting when his father was killed during an attempted robbery when he was only 5 years old. His father was considered as a black sheep in his family.

Meek Mill Bio

When his father died, he, his mother and his sister moved to North Philadelphia where they lived in a near-poverty situation. To survive, his mother had to have multiple jobs and shoplifted to sustain her family, but Meek Mill didn’t really have a safe place to grow and live in through his young years but her mom did everything she could to make their life, a little easier.

During his teenage years, Meek found something he was good and very dedicated in: rapping. Under the pseudonym of “Meek Millz”, he participated in rap battles. He told the world that he couldn’t get sleep some nights because he was so focused on writing and writing phrases and verses, that he later used in some of his songs. He later formed with three of his friends, the rap group “The Bloodhounz”. They started making music together, bought blank Cds, burned them and encouraged his friends to distribute his music so they could make themselves a name in the musical industry. At 18, he took one more hit from life. He was arrested for illegally possessing a firearm and was beaten up by the police, leaving him bruised, his lips and eyes swollen. He was charged and placed on probation after this incident.
But he didn’t stop rapping.

meek mill net worth

The group released four mixtapes and after that fourth, Meek decided to start his own career aswell. He released multiple mixtapes and he caught the attention of Charlie Mack, president of 215 Aphillyated Records. Mack was impressed by what Meek done and he signed him immediately. Anyway, he caught the attention of record executive T.I, Atlanta based, who offered him an opportunity to travel and meet with Warner Bros Records. Meek decided to sign with T.I, stating that it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Meek Mill Jail

Unfortunately, he was arrested for gun and drug possession and had to serve seven months in jail.
Out of jail, he started for real his musical career and started to collaborate with multiple artists such as Rick Ross and he finally took his revenge on life. He started getting recognition, fame and talent was shining at the face of the world.

Meek Mills Net Worth & Assets

His revenge on life also occurred on his relationship with money. Growing up in poor conditions, he is now worth more than $15 million! And his worth won’t stop here, oh no. He has endorsement deals with little companies such Amazon or Puma.

With such a bad start in life, we can only smile at the story of the little boy that once was Meek Mill and see how good he is now in life. His talent can only shine. His fortune will grow. And hopefully, he will be out of trouble now and live the good life.

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