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Marcus Dobre Net Worth! Multimillionaire Teenager!

Marcus Dobre Net Worth

Hey want to know the facts? Marcus Dobre net worth: $2.5 million USD.

Marcus Dobre’s wealth, on average, grows $250,000 per annum, and has a net worth of approximately $2.5 million.

As well as earning from Youtube adverts, Marcus has helped design a range of merchandise for his and Lucas’s merchandise, which they ship internationally and make a small fortune from. In addition to this, Marcus has took to social media as a sponsorship for a vary of brands.

marcus dobre net worth

Marcus Dobre Short Bio

Marcus Dobre-Mofid, born January 28 1999, as an identical twin (his twin brother is Lucas Dobre-Mofid, the famous internet duo) to mother, Aurelia Dobre (Romanian and Bronze winning Olympic gymnast) and father, Boz Mofid (Iranian gymnast) in Maryland, USA. Furthermore, Marcus and Lucas’s parents have 2 other sons who are older than the twins: Cyrus and Darius. Although Cyrus and Darius are not as well known as the twin duo, they have noteworthy fame through appearing on the twin’s Youtube and Vine videos as well as going on tour and performing as a group of 4 around North American cities.

Did you know the twins had an athletic and sporty background? Marcus grew up with professional and Olympian parents, who have taught him to work hard.

The Dobre twins parents are now successful in their own right. Aurelia being a dance teacher and Boz owning a sports centre. Marcus has credited his mother for educating him on dancing, gymnastics and acrobatics, all of which appear on his video’s. The twins are now talented in doing flips!

Marcus Dobre’s signature move is back flipping, in addition to synchronised dancing with his twin. Arguably, the twin’s success is rooted from their extraordinary dancing. They are very talented and also show a sense of connection during performances.

Twin Love

The bond is very apparent between Lucas and Marcus Dobre. They produce a range of videos, all of which demonstrate their closeness. The twin duo, began their internet stardom on Vine as the “TwinBotz”, their account had 1.7 million followers (as of 2014).

At this time they were only 14! They wanted a project and to show off their talent. On their Vine account they created and posted a variety of six-second clips to entertain their audience. Some of which were: dancing styles, gymnastics and small comedy sketches. All of which set the twins up for future fame and a wider fan base.

Vine also gave the love able twins an opportunity. Vine is where they found their friend and fellow Vine star: Jake Paul. Frequently, the Dobre brothers collaborate with Jake Paul, yet distance themselves from the controversies that Jake Paul has been involved in. For a brief amount of time, Lucas and Marcus lived as original members in the ‘Team 10’ house. Although they left as they were homesick However they still keep in touch with prior Team 10 members.

Youtube and Vine

Shortly after the closing of the site (Vine), they began their Youtube career. Currently, their main Youtube channel has over 13.5 million subscribers (has a daily average of 13,000 additional subscribers.  Whilst their secondary channel has over 5.5 million subscribers. All together the Dobre twins has accumulated 855,652,000 views, which grows further each day.