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Lucas Dobre Net Worth? Girlfriend and Twin!

Lucas Dobre Net Worth

Through internet stardom, Lucas Dobre has accumulated a net worth of approximately $2.5 million, which appears to increase per annum.

The channel that Lucas and his twin share has around 10 million subscribers. They earn around $700 or $250,000 from their channel alone.

Furthermore, Lucas earns money from designing and selling merchandise for fans and promoting brands on his social media platforms.

lucas dobre net worth

Lucas Dobre Short Bio

Lucas Dobre-Mofid, born January 28 1999 as a twin to Marcus Dobre-Mofid to parents Aurelia Dobre (Romanian and Bronze winning Olympic gymnast) and Boz Mofid (Iranian gymnast) in Maryland, USA. The twins share 2 other siblings (Cyrus and Darius), who frequently appear on their YouTube channel, particularly their vlogs.

Luca Dobre commenced his internet fame off by uploading videos to the iconic Vine, which consisted of him flaunting his many talents with his twin brother, these talents consisted of various dancing styles, gymnastics and small comedy sketches. Their account on Vine was called: “TwinBotz”. On Vine. They had at least 1.7 million followers and set the twins up for further fame. During the early 2010’s, Vine was iconic and had a wide audience of teenagers utilising the site and app for entertainment. Their trademark was up to 6-seconds of video.

Dobre Controversy

Mainly, Lucas Dobre has attempted to steer clear from any form of controversy. Therefore has maintained him a clean record. This has boosted his popularity, as he is seen as a great role model for younger children and teenagers. His audience are easily able to relate to him.

However, Lucas and Marcus Dobre have been criticised for having a close friendship with the infamous Youtube ‘villan’: Jake Paul. The friendship had been noted from the selections of videos they have filmed together, and hanging out at Jake Paul’s ‘Team 10’ house, as Lucas and Marcus were original members but left due to homesickness.

Lucas Dobre was at an advantage growing up, as his ex-Olympian mother was also a dance teacher. She gave him intensive and personalised dance lessons often. On top of this, Lucas’s mother was credited for amazing dance skills and included in some of Lucas’s videos. He admitted that she was a better dancer than him.

Dobre Brothers

As of 2018, The Dobre brothers (twins and the other 2 brothers) released a tour of North America’s main cities, where they would perform a variety of different sketches- from dancing to comedy.

Lucas Dobre’s Girlfriend: Ivanita Lomeli

As of recent speculations of Lucas’s videos and social media presence, he has an on and off relationship with Ivanita Lomeli, an American (of Mexican descent) model and internet star. Ivanita’s popularity has boomed since the beginning of the couple’s relationship and her appearances in Lucas’s pranks and vlogs. Furthermore, she also has her own YouTube channel, which has around 1.2 million subscribers and a wide fan base. Also, the couple accumulated views and fans on the app ‘TiKToK’. They are particularly popular with younger children and teenagers. These short lip sync videos go down very well with their audience.