Lottie Moss’ Net Worth? Kate Moss’ Younger Sister Lottie Moss!

What is Lottie Moss’ Net Worth?

Lottie Moss is a name that’s dominated the modelling industry in Great Britain over the past year or so. Dominate might sound like a big word but it captures what has been a breakthrough season for this highly talented girl. Truly, she has been a breath of fresh air without a doubt. Her name is on the lips of every fashion designer of note in the land.

She has taken part in numerous top modelling gigs. That has caused many people to wonder what is Lottie Moss’ net worth.

lottie moss net worth

What is Lottie Moss’ net worth?

To appreciate her net worth would involve going back in time to follow the stunning career that she’s enjoyed in the modelling world. For quite some time, most Britons had only known her as Kate Moss’ sister. She has taken time to quietly work on her modelling portfolio. The French edition of Vogue has featured her on its cover. That was until she broke through and became a celebrity in her own right. She did that in 2014.

For years, Britain’s richest supermodel has been Lottie’s sister – Kate. Soon, that might have to change going by the pace the younger Moss girl is strutting her stuff around top modelling shows in the country and beyond. The 20-year old has a net worth of roughly £1 million. She’s on her way up considering that her time in the modelling industry has lasted just about four years.

Lottie is currently signed to Storms Agency, which her sister owns. Lottie (short for Charlotte) has climbed to the top of the modelling world for various reasons. Granted, the industry recognises the fact she is supermodel Kate’s little sister. More importantly though, is the fact she has stunningly and uniquely English rose looks. She has already starred in several big-name modelling campaigns.

For years, she couldn’t do much modelling because of her education. Lottie’s successes are remarkable considering that she’s not as tall as what the industry expects of its supermodels. She only measures 5ft 5in, which is rather short when models tend to be around 5’9”. On this, she has her sister to thank. Kate continues to enjoy a superb career despite only being 5’7”.

Lottie’s foray into the modelling world started when she was 13 years. She was scouted at her sister’s wedding. However, she had to wait until she turned 16 to sign with Storm. Her mother believed Lottie was too young to go into modelling. At the tender age of 17, she entered stardom when Calvin Klein selected her as its face.

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