Lil Pump Height & Net Worth?

Lil Pump Height? Who is Lil Pump?

Before we find out Lil Pump height, lets have some background. Lil Pump is a relatively new artist new to the scene. Lil Pumps recent surge in popularity has originated from his song ‘Gucci Gang’. Gucci Gang is often peaking in the Spotify charts gaining the rapper thousands of new fans daily.

Unbelievably Lil Pump is only aged 17 born in August of the year 2000. His iconic look, voice and personality helps him stand out from the crowd.

Lil Pump is also self acclaimed to have ‘turned down a Harvard Scholarship’ to ‘Save the rap game’ tweeting to his fans. These claims can not be verified and the Lil Pump persona could be a clever act to further his rap career.

lil pump height

So what is Lil Pumps height?

Anyone who has had the opportunity to see Lil Pump perform live, or perhaps seen Lil Pump stood amongst his entourage may have noticed the rapper is not very tall. Lil Pump height is approximately 171cm or 5ft 7in.  Lil Pump’s height however does not stop the rapper standing his ground, proving this several times during live performances where the rapper has nearly come to blow with fans. Due to Lil Pump’s still young age, he has plenty of time to gain some extra inches.

Lil Pump’s Net Worth?

Lil Pumps current net worth stands around $200,000 and is growing rapidly. Lil Pump’s instagram stories often show Lil Pump ‘flexing’ (the act of showing expensive goods) to express how rich he currently is.

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