Kodak Black’s Net Worth? How Rich?

Kodak Black’s Net Worth

You need to know Kodak Black’s net worth. Born in 1997 in Florida, Kodak has origins from Haiti, where his parents immigrated from. He was raised by his mother in Golden Acres. A residential area in Pompano Beach. He started rapping when he was only a child in elementary school. His musical career started when he found his way to a local trap house where he could record his tracks after school. Dedication is an adjective that fits Kodak perfectly. He spent his youth reading dictionaries and thesauruses to have a wider vocabulary and be better at what he loved to do: music.

Kodak’s Upbringing

Life wasn’t easy for little Kodak and even though he loved music and perfecting his skills at it. Kodak had major problems with discipline at school. He was expelled in fifth grade after a fight and was even arrested for stealing a car while still in middle-school. This was the turning point for him where he was given two options: either sell drugs and waste his talent. Or concentrate, focus on rap and be the best.

I’m sure you can guess which option he chose. But first he needed a scene name. When he started raping, he used the nickname “Black” and when he joined the social media Instagram, he decided to be “Kodak Black” in reference to the famous camera brand.

Kodak black net worth


Talking about his career, it started very early, at only twelve when he joined a rap group called “Brutal Youngnz.” He then joined another group and no later than December 2013, he released his first mixtape: “Project Baby.” In December 2014, he released his second mixtape called “Heart of the Projects.”

But when Canadian rapper Drake posted a video of himself dancing to the song “Skrt” from Kodak, it totally made his career going up. And only one month after this video, Atlantic Records signed a deal with Kodak in November 2015. He was barely 18 and his career took a turn to glory.
In 2017, Kodak released the single “Tunnel Vision”. This took him to the Top 10 on the US Billboard. He then released his first studio album “Painting Pictures”, which reached Top 3 on the Billboard 200.

Kodak’s Net Worth Today

His career is at the beginning, and we can expect a bright future for him. Talent helped him get to where he is now and the reward is a nice net worth. Kodak Black is worth more than $600,000. With more and more projects ready to be released, more talented songs and collaboration with other artists, his bank account will look better as the time goes by. What he understood well, is the power of social medias. Collaborating with artists is a good way to make a place in the musical industry but earning money is important too, this is why he collaborates with different brands via his social medias account like his Instagram.

Kodak is a good kid, and we can only expect him to be a better person every day. He also got is GED while in jail which demonstrates why we can only want for him to live the good life.

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