Justin Bonomo Net Worth: The $43 Million Poker Star

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Who is Justin Bonomo?

Also known as ZeeJustin online, Justin Bonomo is widely considered one of the best professional poker players in the world. He was previously described as one of the “winningest poker players alive”. We discover what Justin Bonomo net worth is, and how he spends it.

He has made appearances in online and in-person tournaments, including the World Series of Poker’s 2018. At the ‘Big One for One Drop’ event, he earned $10 million alone. After getting his first WSOP bracelet in 2014, he has since earned two more. Aside from these, he has 19 final table appearances.

Born on September 30th 1985, the 35-year-old is now a staple on High Roller circuits. His knack for strategy comes from a background playing Magic the Gathering. He was so talented that at age 12, he was eligible for competitions.

A few years later, he transitioned to poker. From an initial $500 deposit on Paradise Poker, he built a $10,000 bankroll. He was so gifted that at 19-years-old, he earned at spot at the European Poker Tour. He made history as the youngest player to reach the final table. Presently, he is one of the youngest players in a list of richest poker stars on Poker.org.

Justin Bonomo Net Worth
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Justin Bonomo Winnings

As of 2019, Justin was ranked as the second-highest-earning live player in history. His live tournament winnings total an impressive $48,508,778. His online tournaments have been just as lucrative, too. In 2020, Justin took home $1,775,500 at the Super High Roller Bowl. This made him the first player to ever win three SHRB titles.

While Justin has been a consistently successful player, Gazillions.com notes that 2018 was a particularly generous year. Aside from the previously mentioned WSOP win, he also won $185,965 in a Heads Up No Limit Hold ‘Em Championship, $4.8 million at a high-roller in Macau, and another $5 million from a Las Vegas event. ESPN reported that only 10 other players have made as much money in their career as Bonomo did in 2018.

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Justin Bonomo Personal Life

It hasn’t always been easy for Justin. In the earlier stages of his career, he was temporarily banned from online poker after allegedly using multiple accounts. While this ban didn’t last long, the events of Black Friday did sow some doubt in him. Luckily, Justin bounced back and started his upward streak.

Since becoming a professional poker player, Justin has resided in Las Vegas. He lives in the luxurious penthouse of the Panorama Towers. The high-rise features amenities like a pool, Jacuzzi, private lounges, spa facilities, fully equipped gym, concierge services, theatre, and a wine cellar.

Justin practices polyamory and lives with several partners. Aside from poker, he’s also passionate about combatting age-related diseases. He’s reportedly pledged 5% of his tournament winnings to SENS Research. Currently, he has donated $13,250 to the study.

Justin Bonomo Net Worth

Justin’s main earnings come from playing poker. While there is no sure figure, Justin Bonomo net worth is estimated to be between $43 million and $55 million.

He may not be living as lavishly as fellow poker star Dan Bilzerian, but there’s no doubt that Justin’s living the high-life.

When he’s not in Las Vegas, he spends his time in Los Angeles. There, he says he’s able to relax and let loose. In his spare time, Justin also likes playing video games, meditating, and listening to alternative rock music. Justin’s only in his mid-30s, so it’s safe to assume that in a few years he’ll likely be at the very top of the game.