Joe Sugg Net Worth. Youtube Millionaire!

Joe Sugg Net Worth

What is Joe Sugg net worth today?

Joe Sugg was a surprise to viewers of Strictly Come Dancing, most of whom didn’t know who he was and when told he was a” Vlogger” were none the wiser.

But he has brought a whole new audience to the show and impressed the viewers and judges with his effort and skill. Who knew the gangly; 27yr old young man could turn into the beautiful dancer he has become on Strictly. When Joe Sugg started on Strictly no one knew how far he would get least of all himself. He has surprised all the viewers and judges who all seem to have fallen in love with him. Joe has taken the challenge seriously and is well on the way in his “strictly journey” perhaps to the final. After the second week he became the favourite to win 4/1.

Achieving success on Strictly will only serve to strengthen his following on You Tube and probably bring him more success.

Joe Sugg Homelife

He has come a long way from his days thatching roofs. Joe Sugg was born in Wiltshire and trained in the family business as a roof Thatcher. He started his first You Tube channel while still thatching. In 2013 he hit 1 million subscribers; he now has over 8 million subscribers, 1 billion video views and 5.5million across his additional channels Thatcher Joe Vlogs and Thatcher Joe Games. He created a “YouTuber innuendo Bingo” similar to the BBC Radio 1 segment and was later invited to appear on the segment himself.

Joe Sugg net worth

Joe Sugg Net Worth Today

Joe Sugg has amassed a net worth of $2million which is still half a million behind his sister who is also a You Tuber. His channels feature videos, posts of challenges, pranks and impressions. He has friends who are You Tubers and his older sister, Zoella, is also a You Tuber. Between them, they encourage and promote each other’s channels. In 2015 he was voted “Best British Vlogger”

Other sources of income come from his acting; he was the voice of a character in “The Sponge Bob Movie: Sponge out of Water” with his friend Casper Lee. The pair have since released their own feature films Joe and Caspar Hit the Road and Joe and Caspar Hit the Road USA.

He was also part of the Band Aid 30 charity super group. In 2014 releasing the single “do they know it’s Christmas?” Raising money for victims of the Ebola Crisis in West Africa

He has also written 3 graphic novels “Username: Evie, published in 2015. Second in 2016 as a sequel to, username: Evie. Later on 21 September 2017, he released his third and final graphic novel in the “Username” series Username: Uprising. This adds an extra income to his net worth.

Joe Sugg Girlfriend

Joe lives in an apartment in London and is supposedly single although his name has been linked to various people in the media, the latest one being Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.