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James Gilbert! Aussie became a Bitcoin Billionaire OVERNIGHT!

Australian man James Gilbert is now a paper BILLIONAIRE.

Bitcoin took over our social media platforms, the news and our newspapers last year as many that had invested in the Online Cryptocurrencies were making yearly wages in just weeks.

After Bitcoins unprecedented price surges, James Gilbert become a Bitcoin billionaire overnight.

According to reports in Bloomberg, James Gilbert is the largest shareholder in the US Crypto Company. This is a company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange which invests in digital currencies.

James held a stake worth over a billion US dollars!

James, originally from Sydney but now living in California has a business background. Founding the company ‘LivingSocial’ and is linked to a few other startup companies. James describes himself as a ‘serial entrepreneur’ according to his LinkedIn profile.

After this gigantic surge in the Bitcoin currency James was the first Australian cryptocurrency billionaire.

James’ billionaire status was cut short though as Bitcoin lost a fifth of its value late that same Friday. Gilbert’s stake was then revalued at $919 million US dollars.

Gilbert has a history of picking successful start up businesses and has been nominated in the past for The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Within his 17 years of working in business and entrepreneurial industries he has been involved in the launching of LivingSocial and James joined The Crypto Company in January 2017.