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Ian Balina Net Worth. Crypto Currency Millionaire Revealed!

Ian Balina Net Worth

Ian Balina is a cryptocurrency Bitcoin millionaire, and he made it all in just 1 year. There is no doubt Ian Balina is currently a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space. The crypto mogul has made a name for himself by investing in ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) as well as traditional crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and  Ethereum. At the end of 2017 Bitcoin saw its value increase ten fold to a staggering $20,000 per Bitcoin. At the end of 2017 Ian Balina had a crypto currency portfolio of over $5 million USD, but what is Ian’s net worth today.

Balina was a IBM corporate slave in 2017 before quitting his $250,000 IBM job to peruse his crypto currency investing. Ian began gathering a following on social media where he discussed which coins and tokens he was going to plunge money into. Balina began posting content regarding cryptocurrency in the first half of 2017. Ian currently has a Youtube channel where he live streams, as well as other social platforms including instagram, facebook and twitter.

Ian Balina Instagram Snapshots

During 2017 Ian would often post screenshots of his crypto currency portfolio from the popular app ‘blockfolio’. Due to the large amounts of crypto Ian had amassed the screenshots often showed a multi million dollar portfolio. Being so open about his investments in crypto currency surely gave him a lot of attention which in turn produced even more followers and admirers to his social media accounts.

Ian Balina’s Crypto Investment Strategy

With the increased popularity within crypto currency in late 2017 Ian would often live stream via Youtube to thousands of viewers, breaking down which tokens and coins he thought had potential for huge profits. In turn many of his followers would often purchase and speculate on the token simply because Ian had mentioned it. This has been said to have made some of his followers millionaires, simply by copying what he invested in.

Ian used a investment technique he coined called ‘token metrics’ where he analysed coins and tokens to see if they fit within his investment guidelines. Some metrics Ian looked for are having an ‘all star’ team, the supply and ICO price. These metrics would amount to a score Ian then determined if the asset was worth the investment. This is the known strategy Ian uses today to determine which tokens and coins he puts his money into.

Ian Balina Net Worth Today

So, what exactly is Ian Balina’s net worth today. Ian stopped posting pictures of his portfolio over security concerns towards the end of 2017. Is it also noted that Ian claims to have been hacked losing alot of his crypto currency portfolio overnight. As well as this, the crypto currency market as a whole has had a sever downturn since January 2018 with many tokens losing 60%+ of their value.

It can therefore be estimated that Ian Balina has a current net worth of around $2,000,000