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How Is Evan Luthra Rich? How Does Evan Luthra Earn Money?

how is evan luthra rich

How Is Evan Luthra Rich?

Evan Luthra is an Instagram playboy who often finds partying all over the world often with a collection of beautiful women. But Who is Evan Luthra and how is Evan Luthra rich?

Evan’s Instagram account is full of luxury, everywhere you look he is surrounded by yachts, luxury watches, sports cards and exotic mansions. Often flying across the globe, partying in the most vibrant cities around the world and commonly not sparing a penny to do so. But how he has this young man acquired his wealth is somewhat a mystery.

Evan is a child of some wealthy Indians. Evan has grown up with wealth around him all his life, surprisingly at only 23 years old (as of July 2018) Evan has achieved a lot in his few years.

how is evan luthra rich

Evan owns his own company EL Group which invests in Start-ups often requiring start up cash Evan is more than happy to offer. EL Group also helps start-ups develop their ideas and technology using Evans trusted sources back in India bringing company costs down.

EL Group invests in mostly tech companies with a bias towards mobile apps and cryptocurrency companies. Some of the companies Evan has invested in are;

  • eaze (Mobile App)
  • Hashgraph (Cryptocurrency Company)
  • Booqer (Mobile concierge app)

Most of the companies Evan has invested in are tech he see’s as the future and he is not afraid to take some risks with his capital.

In 22018 Evan founded Almora Investment Bank which is based in India and specialises in Cryptocurrency trading, ICO’s and pretty much everything else to do with cryptocurrency. Evan is no shy supporter of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and can often be seen supporting the cryptocurrency by wearing Bitcoin styled t-shirts while partying hard.

It is hard to estimate Evan’s net worth currently, none of his start-up companies have turned into large tech giants yet with a lot presumably failing.

Evan is more than likely sitting pretty of investments within his family while his companies build some traction.