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Graham Stephan Net Worth. Details Revealed.

Wanna know Graham Stephan net worth today? Financial Youtubers are all the rage. Credit card, loans, investing, real estate, watches are all topics of Graham Stephan’s YouTube channel.

Graham Stephan is a 28 year old Youtuber who speaks on money topics. Providing sensible and proactive action steps on most topics Graham really offers value to his 1,000,000 subscribers.

Real estate millionaire by the age of 28. Are you impressed?

Graham Stephan Net Worth

Graham Stephan net worth: $2,000,000 (2 million USD)

Youtube Earnings: $100,000/Month from Youtube Ads

Graham has revealed some of his Youtube earnings he generates from ads on his videos. It revealed he earns between $70,000 – $150,000 a month! This is an insane amount!

Graham has the advantage of being a financial channel which often get higher revenue from advertisers.

graham stephen net worth

$5 T-Shirts & $0.20 Coffee

Lifestyle options are also discussed on his Youtube channel. Claiming to buy $5 H&M t-shirts and never EVER wasting dollars on Starbucks coffee are musts for Graham. Valuing investments over things is a key topic of his channel.

For an average American Graham offers some great advice. Follow some of his tips and you can be better with money.

Home Life

Graham even though building great wealth for himself prefers to still live in a small one bed apartment. The other half which he rents out. Again to save that money!

Starting as a real estate agent Graham has skills in property investing and this has built a lot of his wealth. He buys properties in the LA area to rent out.

Flashy Purchases

You won’t find many flashy purchases on Grahams Youtube channel. However he has purchased a $20,000 USD luxury mens watch. This might be the only flashy thing Graham owns!

Real Estate Investing

Eager to learn real estate investing. Graham has some handy tips for anyone interested. Graham invests in single family homes as well as duplexes.

Low interest rates are a good factor to keep Graham investing in real estate.