Fredo Net Worth. UK Grime & Rap Prodigy?

Where is Fredo From?

Fredo is from Harrow London.

Fredo Net Worth UK

Fredo is a UK rapper who had an explosive rise to fame in 2017. Fredo released his first track in March of 2016 called ‘They Ain’t 100’. ‘They Ain’t 100’ took the rap scene by storm and Fredo shot to fame.

Complex listed Fredo as an artist destined for big in 2017 and this proved to be very accurate. Before releasing his own music Fredo was often featured in friends music videos such as; Rugrat’s – ‘I’m back’.

Fredo’s first mix tape, released in March 2016 is called ‘Get rich or Get Recalled’. The mix tape featured 14 tracks. Fredo was also featured in a popular documentary released in April 2017 following the London rap scene. Fredo was an artist featured within the documentary.

Fredo performed at Wireless festival in 2016 and 2017 and has recently completed his first headline tour around the UK, travelling to Manchester, Birmingham and London. The tour was sold out within day of the tickets being released.

Fredo BBC Radio 1

Fredo has featured on Charlie Sloth’s BBC radio programme, Fire in the Booth. The programme aired late 2017. The video can be seen here;

How Much Is Fredo Worth Today

Fredo Net Worth UK. Fredo has made most of money through his touring. Fredo’s current net worth is estimated to be around £500,000.

Fredo can be seen on Youtube in luxury sports cars, luxury watches and flashing some serious cash.