FaZe Kay Net Worth? Who is FaZe Kay?

Who Is FaZe Kay

Before we reveal FaZe Kay net worth, who is FaZe Kay? FaZe Kay or Frazier Kay is a professional gamer and Youtuber who is part of the famous gaming ‘clan’ FaZe Clan.

FaZe Kay originally from London joined FaZe clan on the 3rd of December 2013. As of today 2018, FaZe Kay is not an active member in the gaming clan and spends more of his time composing ‘vlogs’ for his Youtube channel.

faze kay net worth

Frazier currently has nearly 1.1 million Youtube subscribers and over 300k Instagram followers.

FaZe Kay Net Worth

Frazier has an active Youtube channel and resides in LA with friends. He is known to be in ‘Clout Gang’ the Youtube house where Ricegum, FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet also live.

Frazier is a daily vlogger releasing videos of his daily life in LA along with some challenges and fun activities.

FaZe Kay has stated during 2017, he was required to spend a large sum of his earned money on Lawyers. Frazier has been actively seeking a permanent Visa to remain the United States.

During December 2017 FaZe Kay has been shown to spend money in a big way, having an obsession with high end luxury clothing lines such as Off  White and Gucci.

As of 2018 FaZe Kay’s estimated net worth is around $500,000. 

The majority of FaZe Kay’s $500,000 net worth is revenue generated from the Youtube channel he manages Youtube.com/Kay. Frazier receives around 100,000 views a day on  new uploads.

FaZe Kay’s Future

FaZe Kay’s future looks promising with his Youtube and social media following growing he can expect to continue his journey earning through Youtube.

Frazier has not released a clothing or merchandise line for his Youtube channel which is something he could pursue. This would inevitably increase his net worth.

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