FaZe Banks Youtube Millionaire. FaZe Banks Rich? His Net Worth?

Who Is FaZe Banks?

Before we find out is FaZe banks rich, lets get some background. Ricky Banks A.K.A FaZe Banks as hes known on Youtube is huge trending vlogger who is catching fire making from controversial drama alerts and releasing his new cloths brand l00sechange.

FaZe Banks has been an active online gamer for some time often broadcasting his game plays of COD on his Youtube channel. Ricky was once part of the FaZe clan, a gaming team which is still in existence and Ricky now owns. More recently Ricky has moved to vlogging his eventful life in LA.

Ricky currently lives in Beverly Hills, LA. He shares a $12 million mansion amazingly located next door to 21 Savage and his Slaughter Gang.

The mansion where Ricky resides was also once rented by Justin Bieber and is thought to cost the Youtubers an estimated $20,000 a month to rent the hot spot. So is Faze Banks Rich? 

Ricky shares this amazing pad with his Girlfriend Alissa Violet, RiceGum, Sommer Raye and other FaZe clan members.

faze banks rice gum and alissa violet

Much of Ricky’s recent popularity has come about from his association with RiceGum and Alissa Violet. As well as this Ricky has been a subject of some drama surrounding events in the real world involving other popular Youtubers such as Jake Paul. Ricky was accused on Youtube by Jake Paul’s assistance of ‘choke slamming’ her in the neck during a night out in a popular LA nightclub. This drama brewed up Millions of views and sparked passionate fans on both sides to spread the drama like wildfire. Needless to say I’m sure Ricky profited hugely from this explosion of views.

Within the past week Ricky with Alissa and RiceGum have released a clothing brand called l00sechange. They staged a popup shop in LA for their fans to pick up the merchandise. Ricky tells all about the effort, time and money he has ploughed into this venture with the pieces all looking much better than pure ‘fan merch’. The popup was so successful the police were forced to shut down the event due to the volume of fans lining the streets. Its impossible to tell how much profit Ricky profited from the event but we can guess with some confidence it was a massive success.

Ricky appears to have a lot in store for his fans we expect to see a lot more of him throughout the next year.

Is Faze Banks Rich?

The release of his clothing range which sold out within a day would lead you to think FaZe Banks is rich. He also owns FaZe clan which has recently scooped the top prize from a competitive gaming tournament. As well as all these income streams, FaZe Banks is often promoting app such as the GOAT app which is a reselling app for sneakers. Alongside his revenue for making Youtube video we can say FaZe Banks is rich.


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