FaZe Adapt Net Worth

FaZe Adapt Net Worth

FaZe Adapt Net Worth

FaZe Adapt is one of the most popular gamers on YouTube. He has a subscribership of more than 4.7 million. The 20-year old is not only a gamer but also an influencer. He belongs to a group of influential gamers known as FaZe Clan, which was founded in 2010 purposely for Call of Duty gaming. The group is full of Internet personalities and pro gamers. FaZe Adapt is arguably the group’s most well-known personality.

Other members of FaZe Clan include:

  • FaZe Teeqo
  • FaZe Blaziken
  • FaZe Rain
  • FaZe Rug
  • FaZe Banks
  • FaZe Temperrr

His subscribers exceed those of the group’s founders; namely, FaZe Banks and FaZe Temperrr.

What is FaZe Adapt’s net worth?

FaZe Adapt has a net worth of around $1 million. He mostly makes his money from merchandize sales, sponsorships, and YouTube ad revenue. Just like the other members of the FaZe Clan, Adapt has also moved into houses worth his newfound financial status. Members of his gaming group have also joined the millionaire class. This new millionaire status just shows how far the gamer, whose real name is Alexander Hamilton Pinkevich, has come.

FaZe Adapt net worth keeps increasing with time. As a former member of SOARGaming, he has the experience needed to keep growing his net worth. In the past, he mostly focused on posting Call of Duty gaming videos. However, he has evolved to incorporate more to his YouTube channel. Today, he has transformed that channel into one dedicated to vlogging. He posts gaming videos only occasionally.

FaZe Adapt’s subscribership grows by 2,000 subscribers daily.

As of today, his videos have accumulated more than 1 billion views, which is astounding for a person who started out roughly seven years ago in December 2011. Each day, his channels attract more than 720,000 views to all the videos he has posted. All those videos feature several ads. Estimates indicate that he earns projected revenues of roughly $1,300 from those ads alone. That translates to roughly $480,000 in revenues each year.

FaZe Adapt’s ability to adapt and introduce more content on his YouTube channel is likely to attract him more subscribers. His channel features Call of Duty gaming tips, sketches, challenges and pranks he conducts on his younger sister – Milan. As that happens, his earnings will also increase as more sponsors and advertisers approach and sign contracts with him. As his revenues increase, so will Adapt’s net worth.

FaZe Adapt lives like a king together with other members of his gaming group.

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