Famous People Who Have Twins You Didn’t Know About!

Scarlett and Hunter

Many love Scarlett Johansson. She’s smart, fierce, and skilled. She has what else? Hunter Johansson’s twin brother!Her brother’s cuteness reveals that the Johansson family is attractive. He typically attends red carpet events with his twin sister. They get along great. Hunter doesn’t act professionally. He does public policy. His sister is the world’s highest-paid actress, thanks to The Avengers and Captain America.

The Lamoureux sisters

This hockey couple is impossible to overlook. These twin girls grew up in a hockey-playing home. They’ve chosen to give this familial romance their all. They’ve done well since then. During the 2018 Winter Olympics, they gained fame. Monique tied the game, and Jocelyne won the gold medal in the shootout. In 2018, they announced they were both pregnant at once. Closer? “We do everything together,” Jocelyne stated.