Evan Luthra Net Worth? Who are Evan Luthra’s Parents?

How much is Evan Luthra Worth?

Dr. Evan Luthra is an entrepreneur and investor. That would probably not shock you until you realize that he’s only 23 years. Already, Evan has a PhD. He believes that the world is his playground thus feels free to do with it as he pleases. He is a builder. The self-made millionaire is a notoriously heavy spender.

In many quarters, he’s described as a “rich kid.” That’s not a title limited to him alone. Several other young entrepreneurs go by that tag. He has also become a motivational speaker. Thus far, he’s taken speaking engagements with Google, BlackBerry and TEDx. He gave these motivational speeches when in his teen.

Evan Luthra finally entered the hallowed world of millionaires upon turning 20.

He owns a company called EL Group International. His main passion is developing mobile apps. Interestingly, he started developing apps in a strange way. His father’s call center business collapsed. Consequently, he had close to 200 computers to play with. He spent his time learning how the computers work. That then led him into the world of mobile app development from where he has made his fortune.

evan luthra net worth

What is Evan Luthra net worth?

In 2015, his estimated net worth was $2 million. Since that was three years ago, the figure has probably multiplied many times over. His companies earn him hundreds of millions of US dollars each year. What is more, EL Group International has created mobile apps for some major corporations. A few of these include Google and Unilever.

The Indian-born tech entrepreneur has indeed come a long way. He is exuberant. His flashy lifestyle has made him a legendary figure in Rich Kids of Instagram (RKOI). His social media following currently exceeds 800,000. Apart from that, he continues building cool stuff he hopes will have a positive impact in the world.

When aged 12 years, Evan built his first mobile app. The curated tech news regarding that app attracted more than 250,000 readers. That ushered him into a world where he attracted the attention of some of the leading lights in the tech industry. He cites Steve Jobs as his mentor. He wears several hats that include accredited angel investor.

His companies continue to help tech-related startups to grow. He has not remained behind in the world of cryptocurrencies. One of the cryptocurrency products he has invested in is Gazecoin.io thus making him aptly referred to as an authority and pioneer in blockchain. That recognition has brought him invitations to speak at conferences around the world.

Evan has also won the recognition of global organizations and publications.

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