Donald Trump Fake News ? What Is Going On?

Donald Trump Fake News?

Donald Trump is often heard mentioning the term fake news. Well what is fake news and why is it becoming a talking point for Donald Trump.

What Is Fake News? Why Is Fake News Everywhere?

What is fake news? Fake news is the trend of news outlets producing articles which do not accurately represent the facts.

Fake news is dominating the political agenda of Donald Trump recently. Trump is accusing news outlets of slandering him and spreading ‘false information’ which is damaging his brand.

In general however, fake news seems to be on the rise across social media and everywhere else online too. Why is fake news everywhere?

People seem to have crazy theories about why this epidemic of hysterical news is rising and what are the causes.

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Fake news not only angers the subjects of the content but also can generate large advertising revenue for the news outlet.

Money drives most trends online and ‘fake news’ is the newest way people have discovered to make a large burst of cash.

A news article circulating with the headline, ‘Trump has been shot dead’, hundreds of thousands of people are potentially going to  intrigued about the article and take a look. When they establish the article is all garbage they leave and forget they ever got fooled.

However the news outlet who conjured up the imagined article has benefited from a rise in advertising income over the time the ‘fake news’ was trending.

The Future of Fake News

Fake news has proved itself to be an effective cyber weapon for defamation and slander. The future of fake news is surely an increase. Political events will trigger hundreds of fake news articles as a tool to persuade and instil a political agenda.

Due to the fact fake news also attracts a large audience, online news outlets, viral sites and blogs will probably use the means to attract more advertising income.

So, next time you see some fake news, don’t be fooled over its agenda, its all about that dollar.

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