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Dan Bilzerian’s New House? $100 Million Bel Air Mansion.

Dan Bilzerian New House? How Much is it worth?

If you’re wondering what Dan Bilzerian is up-to these days, we can tell you he has recently made a very large purchase. A $100 Million mansion in Bel Air LA. The mansion looks spectacular from aerial views and has been featured on programmes such as ‘Secret lives of the Super rich’ which aired on CNBC. Read on for Dan Bilzerian new house…

It is unknown the exact purchase price of the mansion which Dan payed but we can be certain it is within the $100 price range.

The mansion comprises of a total square footing of 38,000, the mansion boasts 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms includes a rooftop helicopter pad and an 85 foot infinity pool. The mansion also comes fitted with over $30 million dollars of the world rarest cars which can be seen on entry.

The mansion is spread across four floors with the ground floor encapsulating a 12,00 square foot entertainment area which includes a four lane bowling alley, a movie theatre which can seat 40 people and a fully fitted home nightclub/bar. Two other bars are also located across the 3 higher levels.

dan bilzerian new house

The mansion is of modern build with much of the front of mansion containing large sliding glass doors giving Dan easy access to the outdoor areas. The floors are situated all with balconies/outdoor areas which are accessed via the sliding windows.

The infinity pool is also an TV lovers dream, which a screen which can be raised from the edge of the pool for watching via enjoying the water.

Finally the house also consist of two elevators to assist in the movement between floors. The mansion contains three functional kitchens which are stylish and modern and spare no expense but perfection.

Dan also has a mansion in Las Vegas he regularly visits and features on his Instagram account.

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