Chloe Grace Moretz Net Worth

Chloe Grace Moretz Net Worth & Bio

Chloe Grace Moretz net worth is large for an actress of her age.

Chloë Grace Moretz, born February 10 1997 in Georgia, USA to Teri Duke (nurse by occupation) and McCoy Moretz (plastic surgeon and businessman). A Christian couple who had already had 4 sons. Chloë is known for being a successful actress, model and activist.

She has a close relationship with her mother and brothers. Yet has little contact with her father as he abandoned his wife and children for another woman when Chloë was only 12.

A passion for acting stems from Chloë’s elder brother (Trevor) attending acting school, where she helped him learn his lines. Resulting in her having a passion for performing.Trevor is now her acting coach and attends press conferences and movie sets with her.

Chloe Grace Moretz Net Worth

Some of Chloe’s Movies

Chloë has always had a passion for acting, from the age of 6. Notably, her first role was in the horror movie: “The Amityville Horror”, which she wasn’t allowed to watch until later in her life as she was too young at the time. Since her debut, Hollywood movies have streamed her way and there hasn’t been a time where she hasn’t been in the spotlight and co-starring with A-List celebrities.

Frequently, she tends to play edgy and alternative characters in movies. Chloë has covered a wide range of genres from the comedies “Kick-ass” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. All the way to dramas “Hugo” and “If I Stay”. Achievements are not hard to come by in Chloë’s department. She has won 2 Teen Choice Awards, 2 People’s Choice Awards and 4 MTV Movie and TV Awards alongside many others.

Although modelling isn’t the young actress’s area of focus. She has been on the covers and features of Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle and other high end magazines. Also, she has attended many fashion events, in order to flaunt particular brands for promotion.

Causes She cares About

Often Chloë has uses her success as a platform for activism. Declaring herself as a feminist and will only take roles if they suite how women should be portrayed in the industry and they aren’t too sexualised. Chloë has also opened up about issues the LGBT community face. Two of her brothers are openly gay and have been brutally treated as a result of that. On top of this, she is a lead ambassador for Starlight Children’s Foundation, which she has donated to previously and encourages others to do the same. Politically, Chloë advocated for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election and attended Democratic rallies.

The media’s spotlight has been on Chloë for numerous of reasons. One being her on and off relationship with Brooklyn Beckham (son of David and Victoria Beckham). The couple had been photographed supporting each other’s careers and attending public events together.

Chloe Grace Moretz Net Worth

Although Chloë’s main motivator being passion rather than money. Her net worth stands at $12 million, this amount has be accumulated from her own means in acting and modelling. In terms of assets, Chloë owns a house worth $3.4 million in California, within are luxuries: (to say the least) a pool, Jacuzzi tub, screening room and spa.

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