Charlotte Parkes Height? FaZe Girl?

Charlotte Parkes Height

Charlotte Parkes height is 5ft 1 inches or 1.55 metres.

Miss Parkes is a model and gymnast. She has increased in popularity recently due to her relationship with popular Youtuber and FaZe clan gamer FaZe Key.

FaZe Key’s real name is Frazier. Both Frazier and Charlotte are from the UK but live in LA in the ‘clout house’. The clout house is occupied by a selection of Youtubers including Ricegum, FaZe Banks, Alissa Violet, Summer Ray and many more.

Charlotte Parkes Height

Charlotte Parkes Bio

Charlotte was born Jan 21st 1994 making her 24 years old. She was born in London England. Her twitter and social media amount to hundreds of thousands of followers growing daily.

Charlotte Parkes Boyfriend

Charlotte is currently in a relationship with pro gamer and Youtuber FaZe Kay. FaZe Kay currently resides at the clout house along with Charlotte.

The pair have been together only a few months as of writing this article. According to their Instagram accounts the pair can be seen partying in LA often.

In addition to this Charlotte also features in a lot of FaZe Kay‘s videos. The videos often are pranks or vlogs.

Her Youtube

Since moving to LA Charlotte has spent time building a Youtube channel. Her housemates such as Ricegum and FaZe Adapt have helped her in growing her account. Her Youtube channel currently has over 200,000 subscribers which is a great achievement.