We’re Still Talking About These Comic-Con Costumes That will Blow Your Mind

Folks, it’s that time of year again… Comic-Con! Although it began as a comics convention, the world’s largest geek-culture festival is now known for its celebrity visits, exclusive previews, and stunning fan costumes and cosplay. Each year, guests try to outdo each other with ever more extravagant, outlandish, humorous, and odd costumes, leaving the rest … Read more

Benjamin Kickz Girlfriend? Revealed!

Benjamin Kickz Girlfriend Benjamin Kickz girlfriend was Audreyana Michelle. Is Audreyana now Ben’s ex girlfriend? Benjamin Kickz is the teenager who hit headlines after starting a influential sneaker operation. Ben distributed rare and pricey sneakers to celebrities, rapper you name it. Ben seemingly made the big money throughout his operation. At the same time he … Read more

Chantel Jeffries Net Worth? Who Is Chantel Jeffries?

Who is Chantel Jeffries? Who is Chantel Jeffries and what is Chantel Jeffries net worth? Chantel is a 24 year old model currently residing in LA, California. Chantel currently can boast her 3.2 million Instagram followers and 682,000 Youtube subscribers. Chantel often goes by the nickname Ceejay the Dj and is currently producing some new … Read more

FaZe Banks Youtube Millionaire. FaZe Banks Rich? His Net Worth?

Who Is FaZe Banks? Before we find out is FaZe banks rich, lets get some background. Ricky Banks A.K.A FaZe Banks as hes known on Youtube is huge trending vlogger who is catching fire making from controversial drama alerts and releasing his new cloths brand l00sechange. FaZe Banks has been an active online gamer for … Read more