Céline Dion’s incredible life, from a difficult childhood to marrying her manager

Céline Dion is a world-famous singer. She won the 1988 Euro vision Song Contest representing Switzerland. Since then, she’s sold hundreds of millions of CDs. She earned $1 billion during her career and had $700 million at age 50. She was the ’90s’ second best-selling female and is considered a legend. Outside of her singing … Read more

We’re Still Talking About These Comic-Con Costumes That will Blow Your Mind

Folks, it’s that time of year again… Comic-Con! Although it began as a comics convention, the world’s largest geek-culture festival is now known for its celebrity visits, exclusive previews, and stunning fan costumes and cosplay. Each year, guests try to outdo each other with ever more extravagant, outlandish, humorous, and odd costumes, leaving the rest … Read more