Some Famous People Who Have Abnormalities You Probably Haven’t Noticed

Celebrities can use all the tools at their disposal to make everyone believe they are perfect. To cover up any flaws, there is photoshop, glam teams, and plastic surgery. However, not every famous person has been able to conceal their eccentricities. See the A-listers whose gorgeously unusual body traits have been uncovered, from having an … Read more

Dave Portnoy Net Worth

Keen to know what is Dave Portnoy Net Worth? We have all the juicy info… Dave Portnoy is a an American internet celebrity. Portnoy created the popular news website Barstool sports which was purchased in 2020 by a casino company Penn Sports. Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy continues to work at Barstool sports and holds the … Read more

Sofia Richie Net Worth

Sofia Richie Bio Sofia Richie, is pretty rich. We will show you Sofia Richie net worth. Born in 1998, Sofia is an American model, youngest daughter of famous song writer Lionel Richie. Being the daughter of Lionel Richie wasn’t that easy for her as people and even her father pushed for her to have a … Read more

Justin Bieber’s House – Hollywood Hills Los Angeles (LA)

Justin Beiber’s Hollywood Hills House Justin Beiber has known the purchase extravagant items, cars, watches and clothing. However Justin Beiber’s Hollywood Hills House is something special. Justin Bieber’s Hollywood Hills mansion sits in Los Angeles California and is estimated to cost around $10.8 million dollars.  Although Justin currently doesn’t actually live their and its currently … Read more

Jocelyn Chew Net Worth? Wealthy Model?

Jocelyn Chew net worth Jocelyn Chew is a model who rose to fame through the TV series ‘The Face’. At only 26 Jocelyn has achieved much success through her modelling career currently signed with modelling agency Wilhelmina. Jocelyn currently has 366k Instagram followers and also is friends with some popular Youtube Vloggers such as Chantel Jeffries. … Read more