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Benjamin Kickz Net Worth? Who is Benjamin Kickz?

Who is Benjamin Kickz?

Before we look at Benjamin Kickz net worth, who is he. Benjamin Kickz, (real name Benjamin Kapelushnik) is a sneaker re-seller based in LA California. Benjamin is 16 years of age and has built a million dollar business reselling sneakers to celebrities and collectors. The sneaker resell market has a current estimated market cap if $1.2 billion with Benjamin taking great advantage of this market which is only growing in popularity.

Benjamin specialises in unique, one-off and hard to get sneakers such as special edition Nike air’s trainers hip hop artists are commonly wearing. Benjamin sells his traininer through his website as well as to his A list celebrity clients in person. Benjamin’s website is

Benjamin dropped out of high school and is currently home schooled due to the business’s rapid growth.

benjamin kickz net worth


Benjamin Kickz Celebrity Clients

Benjamin boasts a range of high profile celebrities he can call clients. DJ Khalid, Diddy and Lil Pump are just a few of his hip hop celebrity clients of Benjamin’s. Celebrity clients are great ambassadors for SneakerDon and Benjamin and have certainly helped Benjamin’s business growth at the current rate. Benjamin has said that celebrities are not where he makes the greatest returns, however its regular people who are avid collectors and purchase through his website. Benjamin has also been noted to connected with internet celebrities such as RiceGum and FaZe Banks.

Benjamin Kickz Net Worth

Benjamin often posts pictures on his social media accounts holding huge stacks of cash. You can view some of Benjamin’s Instagram picture here. As well as selling sneakers Benjamin also now promotes and sells jewellery in the form of gold chains. In 2016 Benjamin Kickz estimated to earn over $1,000,000 through his business. In 2017 SneakerDon and Benjamin have continued to grow with Benjamin’s slogan ‘business is booming’ becoming the ethos of his extraordinary success. We estimate Benjamin’s net worth to be around $1 million due to the fact of his continued success.