Benjamin Kickz Girlfriend? Revealed!

Benjamin Kickz Girlfriend

Benjamin Kickz girlfriend was Audreyana Michelle. Is Audreyana now Ben’s ex girlfriend?

Benjamin Kickz is the teenager who hit headlines after starting a influential sneaker operation. Ben distributed rare and pricey sneakers to celebrities, rapper you name it. Ben seemingly made the big money throughout his operation. At the same time he also befriended many of the hottest rappers and R&B artist in the game. Did you know Ben is buddy’s with G Easy, Drake and more of the A listers.

Benjamin Kicks took some time out the shoe game in 2018 to focus on making music.

Ben is hoping to release a album in 2019 with some amazing features if we may say so. How the young man has befriended so many rapper and music legends is a shock to everyone.

In 2019 Ben Kickz is hoping to get back in to the sneaker game. Is he running out of money? Possibly.

Benjamin Kickz Girlfriend

Benjamin Kickz Relationship

Benjamin’s relationship seems to be on the rocks with girlfriend Audreyana Michelle. Both influencers posting thoughtful statements on their social media accounts. Primarily Instagram.

Audreyana Michelle can be seen expressing affection for a new man in some of her Instagram posts. Whether or not she has dumped Ben is still unknown.

Benjamin Kickz Future

Getting back into the sneaker re-seller game as well as releasing a potential album with G Easy being at least one of the features. The future looks bright for Ben, but maybe not as bright for his relationship with model Audreyana Michelle.